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The most detailed guide how to calculate money in football betting

Football, the king of sports, stirs the hearts of millions of fans, always evoking emotions before each fiery match. To continue nurturing this passion, many people opt for sports betting to support their beloved teams. Moreover, not a few view this as an effective method for wealth accumulation. However, achieving riches through this method requires a clear understanding of how money is calculated; otherwise, it could result in a significant oversight. Below, BestSoccerTips provides a simple and understandable guide on How to calculate money in football betting for you.

Learn about how money is calculated in football betting
Learn about how money is calculated in football betting

What is how to calculate money in football betting?

Calculating money in football betting involves players using the betting odds and the amount wagered to determine the amount they will receive after winning. Before starting a bet, you need to observe the bookmaker’s odds, understand the payout odds when betting, and calculate the amount you will receive upon winning.

However, in football betting, it’s not always guaranteed that you will receive the entire amount of the winning bet. Depending on the type of bet and the specific circumstances, you might either win the full amount or just half of it. These situations are commonly encountered when analyzing Asian handicap odds, also known as handicap bets. So, how do you calculate the money in football betting for each scenario? Let’s find out below.

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Terms to know before calculating bets in football betting

Before delving into how to calculate money in football betting, we first need to understand some common and crucial betting terms:

  • Full Win: This refers to winning a bet and receiving 100% of the wagered amount, corresponding to the initial winning odds.
  • Winning Amount: The amount won is calculated by multiplying the initial wager by the odds and then adding the original wager.
  • Half Win: If you win and receive 50% of the initial wager.
  • Winning Amount: The winning amount is half of the initial wager. First, multiply by the odds and then add the initial wager.
  • Full Loss: In case of losing a bet, you lose the entire initial wager. Loss is equivalent to the initial wager.
  • Half Loss: If you lose a bet, you lose half of the wagered amount.

Understanding these terms is crucial before you proceed to learn how to calculate football betting money effectively.

Simple instructions how to calculate money in football betting

When it comes to football betting, everyone can anticipate the moment they will receive their winnings if they win, and that moment is truly suspenseful. Whether you are a novice or an experienced gambler, you’ll want to know how much money you’ve placed in the game and the amount you’ve earned or lost. We will delve deeper into the scenarios of winning and losing in football betting. To calculate money in football betting, you just need to follow these simple steps:

Instructions on how to calculate football betting
Instructions on how to calculate football betting

In the case of a player winning the bet and the amount received

As one steps into the arena, everyone places hopes on themselves to achieve victory, and the more successful bets, the better, isn’t it? When it comes to participating and placing bets on matches, calculating the betting amount might be the last thing on a player’s mind. This is because calculating the victory means the player accurately predicted the outcome and earned significant profits.

So, when winning a football betting match, how much money will a player receive?

When placing bets, there will be the following amounts involved:

  • Wager amount
  • Odds amount

There will be two scenarios: Either the player wins half the amount or wins the full amount.

When a player wins half the amount: The received amount = Wager amount × (Odds ratio + 1) / 2.

For example: You participate in a match with odds provided by the bookmaker as 2.4. You wager 500,000 for football match A and win half the bet. The received amount is calculated as follows:

Odds ratio = (2.4 + 1) / 2 = 1.25

Hence, the amount you receive will be: 500,000 × 1.25 = 625,000 Vietnamese dong.

When a player wins the full amount: The received amount will be the wagered amount multiplied by the odds ratio for that match.

For example: The odds ratio for the match you participated in is 2.4, and you placed a bet of 500,000 for this match. If you win the full bet, the amount you receive will be: 500,000 × 2.4 = 1,200,000 Vietnamese dong.

Note: Each bookmaker may have slightly different methods for calculating betting money, but the basic formula remains the same as above. It’s essential to have a clear understanding of the basic knowledge and rules.

Where the player loses the bet and the amount of money lost

Of course, no one participating in betting hopes to lose, but sometimes luck doesn’t favor us, and bad luck strikes. Losing and losing the wagered amount is a certain occurrence. However, you must grasp the method of calculating losses to avoid losing too much of your capital.

How to calculate betting money, losing players and lost money
How to calculate betting money, losing players and lost money

Just as there are two scenarios for winning, the same applies to losing:

When a player loses half of the bet: This is when the player loses half of their initial wager, and the formula to calculate half the loss is as follows:

Half-loss amount = (Wager amount / 2) × (odds ratio of the match).

For example: You engage in a bet for a match with a wager of 500,000 Vietnamese dong and the odds ratio is set at 1.4. If you lose half the bet, the amount lost to the bookmaker would be calculated as follows:

Loss amount = (500,000 / 2) × 1.4 = 350,000 Vietnamese dong.

When a player places a bet and loses the entire match: In this case, the entire wagered amount and the amount based on the odds ratio will be lost to the bet bookmaker. The calculation is as follows:

Total loss amount = Wagered amount for the match × Odds ratio of the match.

For example: Engaging in a bet with a wagered amount of 500,000 VNĐ, and the odds ratio for the match is 1.4. If you lose the entire match, you will have to pay the total loss to the bookmaker as follows:

Total loss amount = 500,000 × 1.4 = 700,000 VNĐ.

The above is the method of calculating winnings and losses in football betting. This is a general formula for reference and application. Depending on the bookmaker and the individual agreement, there might be slight variations in the calculation method between the bookmaker and the players.

Where players get a refund of bets

In addition to the winnings and losses that we often care about, there are also many cases where players are refunded, so when do players get refunded?

When you participate in betting on some bets such as handicap or U/I handicaps, players will be refunded.

When participating in these odds, players will sometimes get a refund. That is, the player can not add the amount of money nor lose any money at all.

How to calculate specific money according to the rafter type

Participating in football betting is not only a winning or earning bet, but the amount of money you more or less also depends on what kind of bet you participate in. Here’s how to calculate money according to each type of rafters:

How to calculate football betting by handicap word
How to calculate football betting by handicap word

Asian Handicap

The general formula is: Stake x odds = principal.


  • Win enough = Principal x odds of winning.
  • Half win = ( Odds +1) X principal : 2
  • Lost the whole game: money lost = stake
  • Half loss = (stake x odds) : 2

In Asian handicaps, the following odds are usually common:

  • 0-0 odds: this is a draw, players get a refund,
  • 1/4 odds: When the two teams tied at the end of the match, the bettor for the winning upper door team loses half the money to the lower door bettor.
  • Ratio 1/2
  • Ratio 3/4
  • ratio 2.25
  • ratio 1.25
  • ratio 1.75
  • ratio 1.5

European Handicap

  • This handicap has only three cases of winning, losing or drawing.
  • Wins = Stakes x Odds
  • Losing All = Stakes
  • Refunds don’t cost money nor get money.

Underdog handicap

The calculation is similar to the Asian handicap, Different only in terms of odds.

Notes on how football betting is calculated

When participating in betting, players need to pay attention to the following issues to ensure maximum benefits of themselves.

Players take note when calculating football betting money
Players take note when calculating football betting money

First, you must understand the rules of the game, understand how to play, how to operate, avoid neglect without knowing what are the benefits and damages, and then you fall into a situation where you lose money, then no one can save you.

Second, choosing a reputable bookmaker ensures to minimize the risk for yourself The criteria when choosing a bookmaker that you need to keep in mind are:

  • Prestige, transparency in reward mechanisms and laws.
  • Ensure confidential information security.
  • Clear in match odds.
  • Specific in the agreement and how to calculate betting money.
  • Ensure clear liquidity.

Third, Based on each type of rafters, there will be a specific calculation, so you pay close attention and understand.

Finally, To use the right calculation method, you must first determine whether you are playing Asian, European or Under bets. To avoid any unwanted misunderstandings, make a clear distinction between Asian and European handicaps.

Especially those who like to play Asian odds should remember that there are many different odds that can lead to many different wins or losses. Therefore, it is necessary to do research and judge in detail before determining a bet.


These are the factors that help you identify and make the most accurate analysis and choice. Hopefully, through the above article, you already know how to calculate money in football betting. The calculation of bets will be divided into winnings and losses. Each type has a different calculation. You need to keep in mind the calculation and odds to make the most suitable bet choice. Think carefully before placing a bet.

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