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How to Be a Bookie: Essential Steps for Success in Sports Betting Business

You’re looking to earn money with your own abilities, and there’s a way to do so quite simply: by becoming an online bookmaker. Get attractive commission rates immediately. Let’s explore with bestsoccertips how to be a bookie, common commission rates, and the process to register as a bookmaker right away!

How to Be a Bookie
How to Be a Bookie

What is a betting site?

When we talk about a betting site, we usually refer to a facility that accepts and pays out bets on various sports and public events at pre-set odds. In addition to taking bets, bettors can also request loans from the betting site. By adjusting the odds appropriately, the betting site strives to maintain a balance in its books to have an equal number of winning and losing bettors.

How much money do you need to start?

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business. It includes general expenses such as rent, utilities, salaries, software, etc. Paying out winning bets is the primary responsibility of the betting site. When bets are lost, the betting site collects commission fees. Betting sites use those lost bets to pay off winning bets.

Keep in mind that initially there will be some additional fees, and you’ll also need to pay for a valid license to start your own sports betting. Overall, your position in the market will depend on the amount of capital you invest in your business operations. The more you invest, the better your position will be.

Regular players typically bet much less than professional players. So, depending on your customer base, your betting site’s startup fund could range from about $5,000 to $10,000. You shouldn’t offer betting services to professional players unless you have over $10,000 in reserves.

Is it legal to start an online sports betting?

Every country has its own laws regarding sports betting and gambling. In some places, opening and gambling at casinos and betting sites are legal, while in others, it’s entirely illegal.

Is it legal to start an online sports betting?
Is it legal to start an online sports betting?

You can research your legality in various ways. Check your government’s website and review all regulations regarding online betting. You can also contact experienced legal professionals specializing in the iGaming industry for more information.

How to become a sports bookie

How to be a bookie? Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s delve into everything you need to know to play sports betting successfully. Read through this guide to learn how to establish your business successfully.

1. Set your lines

Establishing good lines is crucial when it comes to bookmaking. There are two options when considering line setting:

  • Setting your own lines.
  • Copying lines set by another bookmaker, preferably from a recognized one.

Setting them yourself isn’t a good option unless you’re a professional with many years of experience. Your best bet is to seek the help of an expert or turn to a reputable bookmaker.

With just a few clicks, you can access a variety of betting websites and compare their betting lines to make the best possible choice for your sports betting. After you’ve set the lines, the most important thing is to monitor them. If there’s too much money on one side, you can adjust and push bettors to the other side.

2. Decide on the amount to charge as a fee

If you want to learn how to play sports betting, calculating the vig is also an important step to consider. The amount to charge as a vig depends on the sport in question, but rates from 100% to 110% are typical. Higher rates usually mean you make a profit faster and also protect your business from losses to some extent. See the following example for more information on sports betting odds.

3. Keep track of everything

Once you start your own sports betting, it’s important to keep detailed records and stay updated on legal news. For easy tracking, you can equip yourself with an information support computer system. However, when searching for a system, make sure to explore multiple options and choose the one that best suits your needs.

How to be a bookie: Keep track of everything
How to be a bookie: Keep track of everything

For a more comprehensive overview, you can back up data on a second computer, external drive, or online cloud service. That way, you can easily track profits and losses while keeping your data safe from loss or damage.

If additional protection on your computer is needed, you can use an offline protection measure (if possible). This will help keep the data on it away from potential hackers or other cybercriminals.

4. Decide whether to extend credit

Bookmakers have the ability to extend credit to bettors, but it’s not really encouraged as it can lead to significant losses.

Here are some things to consider when deciding whether to extend credit to someone:

  • Does this person have a history of paying debts?
  • Does this person have the ability to repay debts?
  • Is there any reason to suspect that this person might attempt fraud (e.g., have they done something like this before)?
  • If we decide not to extend any further credit to them, what will our sports betting strategy with them be?

5. Use a layoff account to ensure profit

The term layoff account refers to an account created to balance the actions of both sides in the game. Many sports betting software providers often offer layoff accounts as part of their sports betting management package.

Sometimes you may find yourself in a very unbalanced situation where losses in betting can significantly affect your company’s cash flow. In this situation, you may want to use a similar amount of money to offset the losses.

How to become a bookie: Use a layoff account to ensure profit
How to become a bookie: Use a layoff account to ensure profit

Using layoff accounts will help you learn how to effectively manage sports betting because you earn profits without taking big risks. Moreover, maintaining a balanced bookmaker will be very useful if you are going through a difficult period because you are saving cash.

It’s important to understand that a layoff account is a business tool, not a personal internal account.

6. Find a sports betting platform

There are many sports betting platforms for you to choose from, but choose one that will meet the needs of your business and customers. Here are some things customers look for in a bookmaker:

  • A large variety of sports, eSports, and other events.
  • Diverse payment methods including e-wallets and cards.
  • High-level security and confidentiality.
  • Friendly and professional customer support.
  • User-friendly interface.

In addition to these, the chosen platform should meet your business needs. Here are some examples of what to look for:

  • Risk management tools.
  • A dashboard with multiple features.
  • Marketing tools.
  • Easy management of betting limits.
  • Comprehensive reporting tools.

7. Create a website for your business

The next step to starting your own sports betting is to create a user-friendly, visually appealing website with essential features. Here are some features that your website’s user menu should include:

  • A login panel.
  • Live game dashboard.
  • Options to place bets.
  • Various guides.
  • Information about teams and players.
  • Event schedule or calendar.
  • Options to select types of bets.
  • Auction results.
  • Several payment systems.
  • Language conversion options.
  • Match summaries.

The admin menu should include features such as:

  • A login panel.
  • User management.
  • Dashboard with information on matches, teams, bets, and players.
  • Resource management panel.

8. How to be a bookie – Advertise to attract customers

In today’s age, advertising is primarily done online, especially through social media. To learn how to run profitable sports betting, you need to follow any or all of these three social media marketing strategies.

The first method is to perform an ad exchange. Essentially, you advertise someone else’s website and they advertise yours. This is cost-free because both parties involved benefit from the advertising. However, both parties need to have an established audience for this strategy to be successful.

How to be a bookie: Advertise to attract customers
How to be a bookie: Advertise to attract customers

Additionally, you can pay a social media marketing expert to handle marketing activities for you. This is an easier and hassle-free option but comes with a price tag.

The third method is to self-promote by using online marketing techniques and SEO by optimizing your website with keywords relevant to your business. This method is free but requires a lot of time and constant attention.

9. Secure your business with a high-risk merchant account

High-risk businesses need a high-risk merchant account to be able to accept payments. A high-risk merchant account is an account that allows your business to process customer payments. Operating a high-risk business will limit the choice of processors and will incur higher fees compared to low-risk partners. Therefore, finding the best processor may be difficult and may require searching for a merchant account. Having a high-risk merchant account is essential for many sports betting businesses to minimize risk while effectively running your business.


In summary, to succeed in starting a sports betting business, it is essential to have a detailed and purposeful business plan. From establishing betting lines and deciding on providing credit to customers to advertising and securing the business, each step is important in creating a successful business model. Most importantly, providing a good user experience through a professional and user-friendly website along with maintaining a high level of security and transparency is the key to attracting and retaining customers in this industry. By doing so, you can create a successful and sustainable sports betting business.

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