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The 10 highest paid footballer in the world for 2024

In the world of football, it is not only passion and love for the round ball but also an opportunity for players to have a luxurious life, full of amenities. Among the series of bright stars, there are always some names that excel, not only in terms of skills on the pitch but also in terms of the huge salaries they receive. This article will give an overview of the highest paid footballer in the world, with detail and insightful analysis.

Who’s the highest paid footballer?

1. Cristiano Ronaldo – $260 million (£204.9 million)

Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo has become one of the most persuasive figures among Saudi Arabia’s wealthy elite since departing Manchester United. Playing a crucial role in Saudi Arabia’s football development project and being the first player to kickstart the wave of superstar arrivals in the Saudi Pro League, Ronaldo has been duly “rewarded” financially.

Cristiano Ronaldo - Highest paid footballer
Cristiano Ronaldo – Highest paid footballer

Beyond his performances on the pitch, Ronaldo has played a significant role in promoting Saudi Arabia’s image through sporting activities. With his reputation – having won the Ballon d’Or five times, Ronaldo continues to earn substantial amounts from Instagram posts and endorsements for brands like Herbalife. This not only boosts his income but also contributes to enhancing Saudi Arabia’s status and influence in the international community.

2. Lionel Messi – $135 million (£106.4 million)

The World Cup champion is the only player on the list who earns more off the field than on it. Messi’s frenzy has arrived in Florida, and David Beckham knows very well how the Argentine player will attract audiences in the U.S. after bringing him to Inter Miami to boost the MLS’s development.

Lionel Messi - Highest paid football players
Lionel Messi – Highest paid football players

Messi admitted he moved to a “lesser league,” but financially and in terms of status, it was a smart decision for M10. According to The Athletic, with his contract with Inter Miami, Messi will receive revenue shares from Apple and Adidas. Messi also pockets a hefty sum from Apple TV, which released a documentary about Messi right after he joined Inter Miami.

3. Neymar – $112 million (£88.2 million)

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) once paid a hefty salary to recruit Neymar; however, the Brazilian superstar failed to make a big impression in the Ligue 1 championship. Many believe Neymar left Europe too soon, unable to fully exploit his potential, but fans have to accept the reality as Neymar decides to follow Cristiano Ronaldo and move to play for Al Hilal.

Neymar - Highest paid football players
Neymar – Highest paid football players

Despite facing a severe injury and having to sit out the season, Neymar couldn’t contribute his presence on the field for Al Hilal. However, the club still leads the Saudi Pro League standings, partly due to Neymar’s influence and that of his teammates.

Outside of playing activities, Neymar collaborates with major brands like Puma, Konami, and Red Bull, creating a stable source of income off the field. Notably, the Brazilian forward recently announced an unexpected partnership with the horse breeding farm Team Campline from Portugal, opening up an entirely new field for diversity in his career and interests.

4. Kylian Mbappe – $110 million (£86.7 million)

Kylian Mbappe became the highest-earning player in Europe when he renewed his contract with PSG in 2022. During negotiations, Mbappe received a huge bonus as part of the agreement to continue his association with PSG until this summer. This not only demonstrates Mbappe’s value in the squad but also shows strong commitment from the club towards this young talent.

Kylian Mbappe - Highest paid footballer
Kylian Mbappe – Highest paid footballer

Mbappe’s influence and power are increasing as PSG asserts him as the spearhead, the flagship in the club’s new project. As one of the world’s top players, Mbappe not only plays a decisive role in every match but also stands as an icon of prosperity and success for PSG.

Mbappe remains one of the most powerful names in French sports. His excellence is not only on the field but also as a symbol, a role model for effort and success in both sports and life.

5. Karim Benzema – $106 million (£83.5 million)

It was quite a shock when the French forward decided to leave Real Madrid for Saudi Arabia, but Benzema is one of many superstars who couldn’t resist the allure of the Saudi Pro League. Benzema is currently playing for Saudi Arabian champions Al Ittihad. However, Benzema has failed to meet expectations, and there are many indications that he is no longer content staying at Al Ittihad.

Karim Benzema - Highest paid footballer
Karim Benzema – Highest paid footballer

Last June, Benzema shared about his decision to leave Europe for Asia to play football: “It’s where I want to go because what matters to me is to be in a Muslim country where I feel everyone is like me. It will allow me to have a new life, and I’m eager to live there.”

6. Erling Haaland – $58 million (£45.7 million)

Haaland clinched a treble in his first season with Manchester City, breaking numerous goal-scoring records, and his salary reflects that excellence. Haaland, alongside Mbappe, is considered one of the hottest superstars in football, but he earns significantly less than the PSG player.

Erling Haaland - Highest paid footballer
Erling Haaland – Highest paid footballer

Manchester City is ready to negotiate a new deal with the desire to retain Haaland’s services for a long time. Beyond the field, Haaland’s reputation is soaring. The Norwegian player has a lucrative contract with Nike and features on the cover of the EA Sports FC 2024 video game.

7. Mo Salah – $53 million (£41.7 million)

Saudi Arabia was prepared to spend a colossal sum to buy Mo Salah from Liverpool last summer. Although the transfer rumors caused laughter and controversy, Salah ultimately decided to stay at Anfield for the current season. However, it’s not excluded that Salah will move to the Middle East in the coming years with attractive wages and conditions.

Mo Salah - Highest paid football players
Mo Salah – Highest paid football players

As an iconic Muslim player, Mo Salah is famous not only on the field but also in advertising. An advertising contract with Adidas has brought him a substantial amount of money while establishing a strong presence in the advertising market. Salah has also appeared in reputable magazines like GQ and Time, where he is ranked among the most influential people globally, evidencing his popularity and influence in both the football community and society.

8. Sadio Mane – $52 million (£40.9 million)

Sadio Mané decided to leave Bayern Munich to join Al Nassr, where he will pair up with Cristiano Ronaldo. Although he receives only about one-fifth of Ronaldo’s salary, this amount is enough to make Mane one of the highest-earning individuals worldwide in 2023. Two years ago, Mane also signed a long-term contract with New Balance, contributing to his position in the sports industry.

Sadio Mane - Highest paid footballer
Sadio Mane – Highest paid footballer

The Senegalese player is not only an excellent footballer but also a national icon. He is famous not only for his talent on the field but also for notable charity activities. Mane has invested a considerable amount of money in improving infrastructure in his hometown, contributing to the development and improvement of living conditions for the Senegalese community. This has helped him become a role model not only in football but also in society.

9. Kevin De Bruyne – $39 million (£30.7 million)

Manchester City, the leading team in the Premier League recently, has recognized and rewarded Kevin De Bruyne’s excellence by paying a salary that reflects his value. However, besides his impressive performances on the field, De Bruyne is not known for representing major brands.

Kevin De Bruyne - Highest paid footballer
Kevin De Bruyne – Highest paid footballer

Therefore, most of his income comes from the basic salary he receives from Manchester City. Last March, De Bruyne signed an advertising contract with McDonald’s, opening up a new opportunity for him off the field.

10. Harry Kane – $36 million (£28.3 million)

Kane decided to leave beloved Tottenham to seek trophies by joining Bayern Munich last summer. As one of the best forwards in the world today, Kane is paid a salary commensurate with his talent by the German club. Kane signed a 4-year contract with Bayern Munich, making him one of the highest-earning players in the Bundesliga.

Harry Kane - Highest paid football players
Harry Kane – Highest paid football players

Harry Kane proves worthy of the amount Bayern Munich invests in him by scoring many goals. Beyond the field, Kane has signed a multi-year partnership with Fanatics, becoming the first English athlete to collaborate exclusively with Fanatics.


On the pitch, trophies and awards can be recognition for a player’s success, but on the payroll, it’s a different kind of measure, showing their attractiveness and influence. The names listed on this highest paid footballer list are not only excellent players but also symbols of the level of professionalism and financial power of modern football. Thank you for following our article!

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