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Top 55 funny football quotes from players ever

Good quotes about football with funny humor are loved by the football online community on social networks. Football is the most loved and passionate football sport in the world. The 11 players of each team playing with the ball have always been the passion of every believer in the world. Football today has become a world-class competitive sport, tournaments take place continuously every year in each country and the whole continent. The statements of the players before and after football matches, the “impulsive” statements that inadvertently become immortal sayings in football, some also become the funniest and dumbest sayings in football. So today, would like to share with you the funny football quotes that are loved and watched the most by the football community. Hope you will feel interested and enjoy them.

Funny sports quotes football
Funny sports quotes football

Funny quotes about football

In addition to intense and fierce matches, football also brings viewers funny and fun moments. It not only helps others improve physical strength, pure entertainment but is a useful spiritual food. And with funny football quotes that will help you feel this king sport is interesting.

1. Without football in heaven, I’d rather go to hell.

2. Some call them rivals … But I call them victims!

3. From the very beginning, I knew it was not just a game, but the beginning of life.

4. Not passionate… You will never play football.

5. Life without football… Not worth living!

6. Football is made up of blood, sweat, and tears.

7. Your team is your second family. A good football player, is someone who trains to exhaustion when no one is watching.

8. If football is his favorite sport, marry him.

9. I really wouldn’t be surprised if my DNA had the shape of a football.

10. You already believe that you will win. And I also believed that our team would win until the final whistle sounded and we were… lose.

11. Everything is easy to understand, if you score one more goal than your opponent, you will win. I prefer 5-4 to 1-0.

12. Make sure your opponent’s worst player gets the ball the most and it won’t take you long to win it back.

13. Football is not a game – it’s a lifestyle!

14. Football is simple but simple football is very difficult.

15. Kicking well without winning is meaningless, kicking winning without good is boring.

16. A great footballer is never satisfied with their performance.

17. The only losers in football are the ones who give up.

18. My boyfriend says to choose between football or he … I really miss him!

19. There is only one ball, so you have to have it. You have the ball i.e. the opponent does not have the ball.

20. I see you chasing the ball very tired, or you chasing me, I promise to stand still.

Funny quotes about football
Funny quotes about football

21. Why can not beat a richer team. I’ve never seen a money bag score.

22. Life is like football, we need goals.

23. Brother, your teammates all have lovers! Let me give you a girlfriend!

24. If you ask why I play football, I will ask why you breathe.

25. The girls out there admire his handsome figure while competing. I’m heartbroken how tired you look when the game is over

26. If you can not win, be sure, you will not lose.

27. Brother stop taking penalties, take me.

28. The scars from football are beautiful scars.

29. In football, sometimes you have to raise your hand, admitting that the opponent is better than you.

30. Every time you make the opponent’s goal vibrate, I feel my heart miss a beat too.

20 funny football quotes about footballers

Here are the 20 funniest quotes of all time from senior football players:

Funny fantasy football quotes
Funny fantasy football quotes

1. “I definitely want Brooklyn baptized, but I don’t know what religion to follow yet.”

AC Milan star David Beckham talks about his son Brooklyn.

2. “Everything that works in our favor is against us.”

Former Tottenham Hotspur legend Danny Blanchflower showed his ingenuity.

3. “Djimi Traore has to adapt to the English game, and he did that by loaning out to Lens last season.”

Ian Rush, man, did you know Lens were actually a French team?

4. “I can’t settle in Italy; It’s like living abroad.”

Once again, Welsh native Ian Rush displayed such brilliant intelligence.

5. “One accusation you can’t throw at me is that I’ve always tried my best.”

So, Alan Shearer, are you saying we’re accusing you of trying your best?

6. “I’ve received 14 penalty cards this season, 8 of them were my fault, 7 of them were due to disputes.”

Paul Gascoigne proved his worth as a revolutionary mathematician.

7. “I fear my mother more than Sven-Goran Eriksson or David Moyes.”

So Wayne Rooney’s mom is some kind of scary woman, or Eriksson and Moyes are just underdogs.

8. “It took Tony [Adams] a lot of bottles to drink it all.”

Former Arsenal player Ian Wright inadvertently fits the metaphor of his teammate’s fight with alcohol.

9. “Maka is usually a man one in ten. Most players score nine out of ten, but he slips nine out of ten.”

Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard affectionately puts teammate Claude Makalele’s penalty kick record into our perspective.

10. “One year I play 15 months.”

Franz Beckenbauer defied the laws of time.

11. “He’s a great player. When he’s not drunk.”

Brian Laudrup analyses former England hero Paul Gascoigne’s performances closely.

12. “He [Zinedine Zidane] has the body of a bear, the mind of a fox, and, er… great skills.”

If you don’t know what to say about a player, just say they have good skills. Right, Brian Moore?

13. “Enthusiasm is everything. It has to be tense and vibrating like strings.”

Is Pele talking about football or Viagra?

14. “I think France, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands and England will join Brazil in the semi-finals.”

At the World Cup, Pele proved his worth as a football legend in many ways.

15. “He can’t kick with his left foot, can’t hit headers, can’t tackle the ball and doesn’t score many goals. Other than that, he’s fine.”

One would think of a general description of Yoosof Farah’s playing ability. In fact, it was George Best’s verdict against David Beckham.

16. “Wisey said I think too much. But I have to do all his thoughts for him.”

Gianfranco Zola said of his Chelsea teammate Dennis Wise.

17. “I may have said that, but overall I say a lot of rubbish.”

Eric Cantona sheds some light on something for us.

18. Interviewer: “Is it fair to describe you as a changeable player?”

David Beckham: “Oh, I can play in the centre, on the right and sometimes on the left.”

The English legend clearly has a great understanding of English.

19. “I was really surprised when the FA knocked on my door.”

Manchester United striker Michael Owen expressed fear for English football’s governing body.

20. “I have a good record there. Play one game, win one, and hopefully it will be after Saturday.”

Liverpool midfielder Steven Gerrard clasped his hands in hope.

Beautiful quotes about football beauty

Football is called the ‘beautiful game’ for a reason, and in the quotes below, you’ll find some of the most famous football quotes that encapsulate how beautiful it really is.

Funny soccer quotes and sayings
Funny soccer quotes and sayings

1. Football is not just a game, it is an art form. You have to be creative, think creatively and always be one step ahead of the competition. – Ronaldinho

2. The football game is like a picture and it is up to the players to paint the best picture. – Diego Maradona

3. Football is an art, just as dance is an art – but only when it is done well does it become art. – Arsene Wenger

4. For me, football is the simplest and most complex game. Simply because it is played with a ball and complicated because there are so many ways to play it. – Andres Iniesta

5. Football is the ballet of the masses. – Dmitri Shostakovich


Above are some funny football quotes that are loved by everyone. Their passion for the ball helped them become successful and famous all over the world. The football stts above help you immerse yourself in the exciting and attractive football atmosphere around the world. If you find these football quotes meaningful, please share them with friends and relatives. Have a nice new day!

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