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Tutorials football betting with phone cards like experts

Did you know that you can place Football betting with a phone card credit?  That’s right, you don’t need to access complex websites or pay additional fees for account services. This article will help you explore how to bet on football easier than ever before, with just your smartphone and your card. Let’s join bestsoccertips to learn and discover this method in the article below!

Betting on football
Betting on football with phone scratch cards

What is a football betting with a phone card?

Playing football betting with a phone card is a method of betting in the field of football betting, in which players use their mobile phone cards to fund their betting accounts. Instead of using cash or bank transfers, players can make deposits via phone cards, and the amount will be added to their betting accounts. This method is often supported by reputable bookmakers and is convenient for players who want to participate football betting for phone card exchange.

The outstanding advantages of Football betting with a phone card

The form football betting with phone scratch cards is becoming more and more popular. Perhaps what makes them so used is thanks to the following outstanding advantages:

1. High security

When using phone scratch cards to participate football betting with phone scratch cards, players will be guaranteed safety. By using scratch cards, you just need to type the serial code of the card and participate in betting, not need to use a bank account to deposit money into the account.

There have been numerous cases at unreliable bookmakers where players’ bank accounts used for depositing money have been exploited by hackers for withdrawals. This can be extremely dangerous, especially for newcomers in the betting world.

Using phone top-up cards will ensure safety for participants in betting.

Therefore, if you don’t want to risk exposing your bank account number or personal information, choosing the option of transactions with phone top-up cards is both safe and convenient.

2. Easy, convenient, and fast

Phone top-up cards are available everywhere. No matter where you go, you can find a place selling phone top-up cards. This allows you to participate in football betting wherever you desire.

football betting
Football betting with a phone card Easy to use

Moreover, using top-up cards does not require you to go through multiple verification steps. Participants only need to fill in the card number and serial number to proceed with the transaction.

This method is particularly suitable for players who have limited time, do not have a bank account, or lack experience in online betting.

3. There are various denominations for players to choose from

Phone top-up cards not only serve to recharge your phone but also have many other functions such as topping up money for games, adding funds to accounts, making payments through the phone card, etc. Because of this, a wide range of phone top-up cards with different denominations has been produced to best meet the needs of consumers.

You can choose to bet using top-up cards with higher values such as 100,000 VND, 500,000 VND, etc. You can also purchase multiple top-up cards at the same time to participate in betting on intense and thrilling football matches.

4. No limits on the amount and frequency of top-ups in a day

Because scratch cards have the highest denomination of VND 500,000, the bookmaker often allows players to have no limit on deposits or the number of deposits per day. This also means that you can participate in betting, playing betting football online with a phone card as much as you like without any interruption.

Redemption football betting
Redemption football betting has no deposit amount limit

For other forms of betting, the process of depositing money through banks takes a long time, so players are limited in the number of times they can deposit in a day to ensure that the bookmakers can process players’ deposit requests as quickly as possible.

5. Receives many promotional programs

Using phone top-up cards for betting is a relatively new form, and players using this method will receive many attractive promotional programs from the bookmakers. Each bookmaker will have different promotion programs, but it is advisable to participate in reputable bookmakers to receive valuable gifts.

When using phone top-up cards for football betting, players will receive many special and valuable rewards from the bookmakers.

6. Effective bankroll management

The highest denomination for top-up cards is 500,000 VND. Therefore, you can rely on this factor to implement more effective financial management strategies. Instead of depositing a large amount of money for one betting session, it is better to start with a smaller amount and gradually increase the stakes for more secure and assured wins.

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Instructions playing football betting with a phone card

After learning all the information about football and sports betting with phone cards, you must have realized how great the benefits they bring.

So if we want to bet football betting on changing phone cards, what will we have to do?

Betting with a simple phone card
Play football betting with a phone card
  • Step 1: Go to the homepage of the selected house. Sign in to the account you registered. Then select Money transfer. Then click on “Phone Scratch Cards”.
  • Step 2: One ton is displayed. Enter information in the table. Choose a network operator that uses scratch cards such as Viettel, Vinaphone, Mobiphone. Please enter the exact amount you wish to send. Then continue to enter the card code and card serial number in the table.
  • Step 3: After entering all the information in the table in step 2, select Money transfer. This completes the transfer to your account using your phone scratch card. After just a few minutes, you will be notified by the bookmaker that the transfer is complete.
  • Step 4: Check the amount of money in your account to see if it matches the amount you deposited. When depositing by phone card, the minimum deposit amount is 50,000 VND and the maximum is 500,000 VND.

Thus, there are only 4 basic steps that you have completed the process of depositing bets with a phone card. Very simple, right?

Should it be football betting with a calling card?

Whether to participate football betting with an android phone card or not, the answer depends on each person. You can completely choose for yourself a deposit method when betting that is most suitable and convenient for you.

If you choose to bet with phone top-up cards, they will bring you many benefits. On the other hand, if you don’t choose this method, you can opt for other betting options, which won’t significantly affect your betting choices.

Besides the advantages of betting with phone top-up cards, there is still one drawback. That is, when depositing money with this method, players will incur a transaction fee as per the regulations. According to surveys at betting sites, the highest deposit fee that players have to bear is currently at 30% of the top-up card value.

However, according to the feedback from numerous members in the betting community, they believe that the advantages of betting with phone top-up cards outweigh the fee. Other betting methods may not require fees but do not possess the same advantages as phone top-up cards.

Therefore, the decision is entirely up to you. If you choose to bet with phone top-up cards, let’s take a look at some outstanding advantages of this method below.

3 Best Phone Card Football Betting Sites

Currently, there are many sites on the whole market of Vietnam football betting with phone scratch cards. In which, there are three bookmakers that are applying this method effectively: Fun88. W88 and M88. These three bookmakers are considered to have the best phone scratch card football betting system on the market today. Concrete:

W88 Bookmaker

W88 started adopting the method phone football betting not long ago. This is a betting site that is inherently appreciated for its quality. With this addition, it will definitely create more attraction for gamblers, overcoming the limitations of direct deposits. It is the optimal solution for players who do not have a bank account.

football betting with a phone card at the W88
football betting with a phone card at the W88 bookmaker

The fees that W88 bookmaker is applying for this form are as follows:

  • Viettel: 25%
  • Mobiphone: 32%
  • Vinaphone: 32%

Bookmaker Fun88

Next is the bookmaker FUN88. This bookmaker is very famous in the field of online betting in Asia in general. FUN88’s betting products offer a wide variety. All ensure safety, fairness and transparency.

football betting with a phone card on Fun88
Football betting with phone cards on Fun88

Similar to W88, recognizing the benefits of the form redemption football betting, Fun88 has also implemented with the Scratch Card Transfer Fee as follows:

  • Viettel 19.50%
  • Mobiphone 21%
  • Vinaphone 19.50%
  • Vietnam Mobile 20%
  • FPT (Gate) 19.5%
  • Fun88 deposit threshold by scratch card: Minimum: 100,000 VN, Maximum: 100,000,000 VND

M88 bookmaker

M88 is a representative brand, sponsoring many short films on Youtube such as 102 Production (Make Money for Girls, Thach Sanh Ly Thong), AFF Cup event giving out free shirts to fans. The rules of this bookmaker with the phone scratch card recharge program are as follows:

football betting with a phone card on M88
football betting with a phone card on M88
  • Vinaphone and Mobifone’s scratch cards with the highest denomination are 500k, Viettel’s scratch cards with the highest denomination are VND 1 million.
  • FPT’s Gate scratch card has the highest face value of VND 10 million.

Deposit fees through 3 carriers Viettel, Vina and Mobi are equal. deposit 10,000 fee 2,500 VND. Particularly, Gate card has a lower fee (deposit 10,000 VND, fee is 1,550 VND

However, the reputation of M88 has not yet been determined, so you can learn and consider more when participating (football betting with iphone phone card) at this bookmaker.


With all the information shared by the experts we shared above, it has helped people better understand information related to football betting by phone card and attractive online entertainment products. Please F5 continuously on the website bestsoccertips system to update more news as well as the hottest promotions every day. I wish you every success!

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