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Sharing football betting secrets helps you succeed

Almost everyone bets on football sports. So far, this is the most popular sport that gamblers are used to betting online. Sadly, most people lose. Do you often find yourself losing money to online gambling companies? Do you want to change this story? Below, will share some successful football betting secrets.

Sharing football betting secrets helps you succeed
Sharing football betting secrets helps you succeed

8 football betting secrets to help you easily win

Here, we will take a closer look at 8 common secrets of football betting.

1. Referees

Most bettors have heard of arbing, even if they’re not sure what it means. Simply put, it’s the ability to back a selection at higher odds than you can lay it at an exchange.

For example, bet365 offers odds of 6/4 (2.50) for Manchester United to win against Arsenal at Old Trafford. However, on Betfair Exchange, the current odds for Manchester United are 2.3, lower than 6/4. So, you bet with bet365 and lay the same selection on Betfair, ensuring yourself a profit.

These opportunities arise more often than you think, especially early in the market. You need to be sharp and quick to capitalize on them, as many other bettors are looking for similar opportunities.

Of course, bookmakers don’t like arbing because they profit by simply setting odds with a margin. It’s a way to get your account restricted, but you can make a profit while everything is going smoothly.

2. Pareto

Pareto is a principle commonly used in business, stating that 80% of results come from 20% of causes. In football, this means that 80% of titles are won by just 20% of clubs. A quick look at the winners of the Premier League will show you that this is indeed the case.

So how do we apply this principle when finding the best football betting strategy? It’s all about finding your niche. Stick to major football leagues to bet in the UK – Premier League, Championship, Leagues 1 & 2, plus the National League.

The Pareto principle says you pick one thing and don’t consider looking at others. Furthermore, find the right market to bet on. Many bookmakers offer odds on many different variables, so find a few odds you know and stick to them.

It’s all about being disciplined.

Profits will be greater when you have a narrower focus. Of course, choosing those markets to start with can be challenging, but keep a full list of your bets, and you’ll quickly see the 20% of markets you should focus on.

3. Draw no bet

A common system on betting exchanges is to place a draw no bet before the match starts. Nonetheless, an early goal will allow you to withdraw the draw result at a much higher price than the one you set, ensuring you a profit no matter what happens for the remainder of the match.

Secret of football betting: Draw no bet
Secret of football betting: Draw no bet

Choosing a suitable match for this is essential. Hoping that a highly rated team will face a weaker team (for example, Manchester City at home against West Ham) can lead to them taking an early lead to turn this into an easy and quick scenario.

Unfortunately, this has become such a popular strategy in recent years that it’s very difficult to start in some markets because all bettors want to bet alike. This can make it difficult to change your position in the match if a full-time draw is likely.

4. Singles only

This applies to some couples here, but the best way to win long-term when betting on football is to focus on single bets. We all hear the whistle of the crazy acca trying to win a million pounds on a Saturday, but that’s not the way to play.

Many may find single bets boring and admit that it’s a slower way to build your balance compared to betting multiples. However, the most important advantage is managing your bets reasonably to easily handle any losses. Stick to one bet and everything will go in the right direction – patience is key.

5. Value betting

This is a bit different as it relies on previous knowledge. Value betting is a strategy based on subjective opinion based on personal knowledge of the sport and mathematics.

If your research shows that Liverpool should have odds of 4/5 at home against Chelsea and bookmakers offer odds of 5/4, then this is value. However, there will be others who believe that Liverpool should have odds of 11/8 in this situation, so they don’t offer value – this could be a subjective issue with value betting.

Football betting secrets: Value betting
Football betting secrets: Value betting

For those seeking a bit more peace of mind, the actual price of a result can often be found on exchanges. The actual price is the midpoint between the current price and the current price. If bookmakers offer a higher price, that’s value.

Most money goes into the top leagues, and those compiling odds for bookmakers have a lot of knowledge to accurately price these leagues. Therefore, the biggest value will be for those looking for lower odds in a league where the trader’s knowledge is not as good as the bettors’.

6. Matched betting

When it comes to one of the best ways to beat the bookmakers, we’ve mentioned matched betting. This certainly isn’t a system for those looking to make big profits from football betting, but it’s a great way to earn some profit here and there.

The premise of matched betting is to take advantage of free bets offered when you sign up with bookmakers. Backing a bet and laying it off will leave you slightly down on your first bet, known as the qualifying bet. However, when you use your free bet stake, it’s all profit.

Profits accumulate slowly with match betting, which isn’t ideal for some, but done correctly, it’s a nearly foolproof way to profit from football – just a commitment to keep going.

7. Seek proven tips

One approach for novices in this sport initially is to find someone who provides football betting tips professionally. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of unreliable advice out there, so you should seek someone with a full track record of long-term profits as well as someone who knows what they’re doing.

This is an easy way to learn more about football and how others give their tips. You can read their reasoning, understand how they bet, and start implementing them yourself. The downside is finding someone reliable enough to start with.

8. Court siding

An intriguing strategy effective in niche markets and often at lower levels of a sport. It’s called court siding, as it’s used in tennis – someone sits in the crowd at a match and relays real-time information back to betting organizations through a few button presses to indicate who just won the last point. This transmits what just happened faster than TV cameras and those providing information to bookmakers.

Secret of football betting: Court siding
Secret of football betting: Court siding

It can be adapted to football for those in the crowd. We’ve all sat in the stands and witnessed a penalty being awarded or a last-minute tackle that leads to a red card. Placing a bet right there on a goal scorer or a yellow card helps you stay one step ahead. The biggest drawback is that phones may respond slowly in large crowds, so matches with fewer spectators are necessary to execute this.


In conclusion, understanding and applying football betting secrets can significantly enhance your strategy and profitability. From leveraging arbitrage opportunities and draw no bet options to seeking value and utilizing proven tips, each secret offers a unique approach to navigating the complexities of sports betting. Whether you choose matched betting for steady gains or court siding for real-time advantage, these insights empower bettors to make informed decisions and potentially outwit the odds. By mastering these secrets, bettors can elevate their game and approach football betting with confidence and strategic acumen.

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