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Top 5 most popular darts Betting apps

In the dynamic world of online sports betting, darts betting apps have emerged as a popular and exciting choice for enthusiasts. These apps offer a comprehensive platform for placing wagers on various dart matches and tournaments, providing an engaging experience for both casual and seasoned bettors. From user-friendly interfaces to a wide array of betting options, darts betting apps are revolutionizing how fans engage with their favorite sport. In this article, let’s explore with some of the top darts betting applications today.

Top 5 most popular darts Betting apps
Top 5 most popular darts Betting apps

Popular Dart Bets and Markets

There are many traditional and unique bet types to choose from when betting on dart matches and competitions. Here are some of the most popular options:

  • Match Winner – Perhaps the simplest dart bet. Here, you bet on the player you believe will win a dart match.
  • Handicap Bet – If a player is highly favored in a match, you can improve the odds by placing a handicap bet. This means they need to win by at least three times, for example.
  • Tournament Winner – If you prefer future bets, you might want to predict not only who will win a match but also who will win the entire tournament.
  • Over/Under – Darts offers many types of over/under bets to choose from. With this type of bet, you predict whether the total will be higher or lower than a set target. For example, you can bet on the number of legs in a match, or the number of 180s achieved by one or both players.
  • High Checkout – For those who enjoy statistics. If you know a player is famous for impressive finishes, you might want to bet on them achieving the highest checkout in a match.
  • Correct Score – This is a challenging bet but can have high odds in some cases. Here, you are betting on the final score. For example, if you think a best-of-13-legs match will end with a score of 7-3.

A Compilation of the Best Dart Betting Apps Today

W88 App

The bookmaker W88 is operated by MARQUEE HOLDINGS LTD, headquartered in Makati City – a major financial, commercial, and economic hub in the Philippines. Known as one of the most reputable and renowned groups in the betting industry, W88 continuously applies the most advanced technology to provide users with optimal products and services.

Notably, W88 is licensed by the First Cagayan Leisure & Resort Corporation, the most reputable regulatory and licensing organization in the online gaming and entertainment industry. This not only affirms W88’s position but also helps the bookmaker become a strong competitor, surpassing other rivals in the market.

Darts Betting apps: W88 App
Darts Betting apps: W88 App

W88 offers a wide range of online betting services, from sports betting like football, basketball, to dart betting. Additionally, they offer online casinos, slots games, lotteries, and more. The bookmaker leads in providing players with lottery betting systems such as Keno and iLotto in the “virtual play, real money” entertainment sector.

Compared to other online casino sites, W88 has relatively simple content, especially when it comes to the homepage. The home buttons on this site are designed to allow players to easily navigate as they wish. Unlike most sites, W88’s betting website offers a night mode, which is a plus since not all online casino players have perfect vision. Therefore, switching to night mode when betting is very beneficial. Another interesting feature of W88 bet is the multi-option dropdown button, helping players easily move from one page to another.

In addition to the basic web interface, the W88 app is a perfect breakthrough in enhancing the mobile betting experience. The W88 mobile app is considered a significant investment in both concept and financial terms by the bookmaker. Although this “mobile betting” product has been launched for quite some time, its appeal remains very impressive.

Fun88 App

Established in 2008, Fun88 has quickly become one of the leading reputable bookmakers in Asia. Fun88 operates under a public license for online betting issued by PAGCOR in the Philippines.

In addition, Fun88 is licensed by the Isle of Man’s Online Gambling Regulation Act through Australia’s Entertainment Testing Group. To obtain this certification, Fun88 had to pass strict tests to prove its credibility, such as ensuring the betting website is legal, free of fraud, implements measures to prevent gambling addiction, secures customers’ personal information, and provides fair bonus payouts to players.

Darts Betting apps: Fun88 App
Darts Betting apps: Fun88 App

The transparency and reliability of Fun88 are further demonstrated through its sponsorship of major English Premier League clubs like Tottenham Hotspur FC, Burnley FC, and Newcastle United FC. Fun88 has developed a comprehensive smartphone app, releasing several separate mobile apps for each product.

Fb88 App

The online sports bookmaker FB88, represented by Wikipedia on Google’s search engine, has over 10 years of establishment and betting operations in Europe. In the past nearly three years, to keep up with the development trend in Asian countries, FB88 casino has boldly opened a professional and reputable betting market in Asia for the first time in the Philippines.

Darts Betting apps: Fb88 App
Darts Betting apps: Fb88 App

With a professionally trained design team, the FB88 website interface is designed in a European style, providing users with an aesthetically pleasing and sophisticated interface that creates a comfortable experience when participating in this professional bookmaker. The FB88 interface supports multiple languages to serve all participants, with a native Vietnamese interface that is extremely easy to view and navigate. The most notable feature is the FB88 mobile app, where all functions of the traditional website are available on the mobile version, compatible with all internet-connected phone models in the Vietnamese market.

Sports betting, also known as sports wagering, involves predicting the outcome of each competition. Sports betting covers a wide range of sports such as football, basketball, baseball, and notably, the entertainment sport of darts.

M88 App

This bookmaker is legally licensed by the Philippine government and headquartered in Manila. However, the origins and predecessor of this bookmaker are unknown (different information on the internet varies greatly – this is why M88 Mansion keeps its origins a secret). Nonetheless, the fact that M88 is a large and reputable bookmaker is undeniable – this is the result of long-term operations and brand building. This is understandable for M88 because if you are a long-standing bookmaker with some minor issues but still maintain credibility and pay fully (over the years), you will surely gain the trust of many people.

Darts Betting apps: M88 App
Darts Betting apps: M88 App

The betting interface of M88 is designed scientifically and clearly, allowing players to navigate smoothly while betting. There is a separate interface for mobile devices and smartphones, specifically supporting a dedicated M88 mobile sports betting app for Android operating systems. This allows you to bet anytime, anywhere, as long as there is an Internet connection.

You will be overwhelmed by the variety of bets offered by the bookmaker. This alone will make you spend a lot of time experiencing all the different types of bets. Here, you will have countless sports betting options such as football, basketball, darts, and more.

Bet365 App

Highly rated, Bet365 is almost our top choice for dart bookmakers. Once again, they offer numerous features including bet builders, accumulator bonuses, and many in-play free bet offers – the latter being a very attractive proposition for bettors. You can find special bets, such as whether a specific match will end with a total score of 170, and overall, there are many markets appealing to both new and experienced dart players.

Darts Betting apps: Bet365 App
Darts Betting apps: Bet365 App

Bet365 has a great live streaming service for those who want to enjoy the action live. Darts streams are provided but not frequently and only for smaller events. This website is fully licensed by the UKGC and if you are a darts enthusiast, this will be an excellent choice for you, as Bet365 is one of the most reputable bookmakers in the industry with one of the largest bonuses.


In conclusion, darts betting apps have significantly transformed the landscape of sports betting, offering enthusiasts a convenient and engaging way to place wagers on their favorite matches and tournaments. With features like live streaming, diverse betting options, and user-friendly interfaces, these apps cater to both novice and experienced bettors. As technology continues to advance, the functionality and appeal of darts betting apps will only improve, ensuring they remain a top choice for sports betting aficionados. Whether you are looking to add excitement to your darts viewing experience or seeking new betting opportunities, these apps provide a robust platform to enhance your engagement with the sport.

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