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Find out the top 5 most reputable costa rica sportsbook today

Sports betting in Costa Rica is very popular. Although the country does not have retail sports betting, there are no restrictions on online sports betting. Costa Rica has licensing regulatory agencies for many foreign sportsbooks, including some top websites we’ll discuss here. has compiled a list of Costa Rica sportsbook and reviewed them in detail. In addition to this, you can learn more about betting in the region, its legality, sports types, bonuses, and promotions that these websites offer.

Is sports betting legal in Costa Rica?

Locals are facing a unique situation here. All forms of gambling on land are illegal, except for the lottery. However, numerous sports betting websites in Costa Rica are licensed here. Somehow, the state is trying to ‘protect’ its citizens by not allowing them to gamble at any traditional establishments.

On the other hand, that doesn’t stop them from doing it online. Authorities aim to regulate online gambling through stringent laws, which were supposed to be implemented since 2021. However, due to conflicting interests, it has been postponed.

Is Costa Rica sportsbook legal?
Is Costa Rica sportsbook legal?

Back in 1999, the United States passed the Internet Gambling Prohibition Act. Ultimately, it didn’t get passed but made many gambling operators seek licenses elsewhere. That’s when many of them shifted operations to Costa Rica; because it lacked regulatory bodies. That’s how it started functioning as a licensing jurisdiction.

For Costa Rica gambling licenses, any interested bookmakers just need to apply for a ‘data processing license’. Companies pay a $5,000 fee, renewable annually, and are ready to operate. Since 2012, casinos have been paying taxes to the state with a rather complex system.

In conclusion, whether you’re a Costa Rican or a domestic tourist, you won’t encounter any restrictions when it comes to online betting. However, caution is needed because not all locally licensed sports betting websites in Costa Rica have the best reputation.

Most reputable Costa Rica betting sites nowadays

1. W88

W88, one of the leading bookmakers, has established a strong position in the betting industry, solidified over time by support from reputable brands. Particularly, collaborations with famous football teams have helped W88 enhance its credibility. W88 has sponsored teams like Wolverhampton Wanderers FC, Leicester City (as a strategic partner), and is currently associated with Aston Villa.

Thanks to these partnerships, W88 has succeeded in building a strong fan community, expanding its presence in the global football fan community. This is evidence of the rapid development of the W88 brand.

Costa rica sportsbooks: W88
Costa rica sportsbooks: W88

In addition to sponsoring top teams, W88 also ensures that all members have a high-quality and diverse betting experience in the Asian market. This commitment is not only about becoming a reliable sponsor but also about providing high-quality betting services, contributing to the increasing reputation and popularity of W88.

2. Bet365

Bet365, based in the United Kingdom, is highly regarded for its safety and security. They are licensed by the Gibraltar government with license number RGL 075 and supervised by the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner, an organization specialized in licensing companies operating in online gambling. Bet365 is a member of the Coates family-owned group, with Peter Coates, one of Bet365’s founders, also serving as chairman of the football club Stoke City.

Sports betting costa rica: Bet365
Sports betting costa rica: Bet365

Since its inception, Bet365 has attracted over 2 million participants from more than 200 countries worldwide. This reflects their strong goal of becoming one of the top destinations for gambling. Bet365 stands out as a reputable betting platform with a wide range of betting options, offering many betting opportunities for various sports and events. Their competitive odds have garnered attention and high praise from a large number of players, making them a formidable competitor to other major bookmakers like Betway and 1xbet.

3. BetOnline

BetOnline has been around for decades and has one of the longest-standing reputations. Over the years, sports betting has expanded, and today, it offers a comprehensive live betting, sports betting, and dedicated race betting.

There are several reasons why BetOnline tops our list of Costa Rica sports betting websites. Here, there are over 35 sports markets to explore, including soccer, surfing, NBA, NFL, mixed martial arts, tennis, and golf.

Costa rica betting sites: BetOnline
Costa rica betting sites: BetOnline

In addition to offering diverse sports, the betting website also provides many early-released betting types. Early releasing these lines ensures that BetOnline bettors have access to the most competitive odds, which is great if you’re looking to make a profit.

BetOnline has a leading live betting suite offering betting services for events that have already taken place. While the odds and content here are very unique, we’d like to see more options for live streaming sports events, something that sportsbooks have yet to implement.

New bettors joining the website have access to generous welcome bonuses to easily explore additional features. Additionally, frequent bettors with BetOnline bonus codes have access to some exciting rewards, including free bets, discounts, and cashback rewards.

4. Bovada

Bovada launched in 2011 and offers similar betting options to BetOnline. Here, you’ll find live betting, horse racing betting, and sports betting. However, remember that Bovada offers fewer betting markets than BetOnline. The sportsbook has over 25 options to explore, including NBA, NFL, tennis, golf, soccer, and volleyball, but you won’t find surfing betting here.

A standout feature of Bovada is its live betting suite. There are plenty of live games and sporting events for you to bet on in-match, and the odds are not bad either. However, what truly makes this live betting suite special is that it allows active bettors to stream sports events in high resolution directly from the sportsbook’s website. Additionally, this option is also available on mobile devices.

Costa rica sportsbook: Bovada
Costa rica sportsbook: Bovada

While there are various betting options available, Bovada, when compared to BetOnline, only offers a limited number of payment methods, something we’d like to see improved. However, we note that the bonuses and promotions offered by the sportsbook are very enticing. Bovada is one of the few sportsbooks that regularly updates its promotional programs and Bovada promo codes, so there’s always something new and exciting to claim and enjoy.

5. BetNow

BetNow is another leading website for sports betting in Costa Rica. While it may not be the most visually appealing sportsbook, it’s very fast and easy to navigate. Notably, the sportsbook only lists sports that are currently in season, making it easy for you to find the sports you want to bet on.

The sports betting website offers over 15 sports markets, such as golf, tennis, soccer, football, and American football. BetNow also provides many top-line betting options, such as prop bets, moneylines, futures contracts, totals, spreads, and parlays.

Costa rica sportsbooks: BetNow
Costa rica sportsbook: BetNow

In addition to pre-match betting, you can also enjoy live betting for some sports, although BetNow, like BetOnline, does not stream these games live.

One of the standout features of this sportsbook is that it has four welcome bonuses that you can choose from. In addition to the cryptocurrency welcome bonus for bettors depositing with cryptocurrency, there are three additional bonuses. All offer different bonus amounts and wagering requirements, making it easy for you to find a promotion that suits your budget. But remember, the overall value of these promotions here tends to be low.


Costa Rica boasts a diverse array of reputable sports betting sites catering to enthusiasts worldwide. From established names like W88 and Bet365 to emerging platforms like Bovada and BetNow, each offers unique features and betting options. While BetOnline stands out for its extensive live betting suite and early-released betting lines, Bovada impresses with its high-resolution streaming capabilities for live sports events. BetNow, despite its simplistic interface, provides a straightforward and efficient betting experience with various market options. However, it’s essential to consider factors like payment methods and promotional offers when choosing a platform. Overall, whether you’re a seasoned bettor or just starting, these Costa Rica betting sites offer ample opportunities for thrilling sports wagering experiences.

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