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Learn about the 10 hottest black female sports reporters

Sports broadcasting has historically been a male-dominated industry, predominantly featuring white males. However, in recent years, there has been a significant shift with more women and people of color, particularly black women, gaining opportunities to cover some of the biggest sporting events worldwide. In this article, bestsoccertips focuses on the 10 best black female sports reporters in various sports such as NBA, WNBA, NFL, baseball, soccer, etc.

Top 10 hottest black female sports reporters:

1. Arielle Chambers

She began covering major leagues such as the NBA, NHL, and WNBA. During this time, Arielle Chambers noticed the disparity in coverage between male and female sports and took it upon herself to broaden the visibility of women’s sports.

She started interviewing female athletes and carved out a niche for herself. Arielle has gained extensive experience in covering women’s basketball and established a platform on Bleacher Report.

Black female sports reporters: Arielle Chambers
Black female sports reporters: Arielle Chambers

For her work, she has been recognized in:

  • Forbes 30 Under 30 list.
  • Sports Illustrated’s list of the 100 Most Influential Women in Sports, among others. These accolades cement her position as one of the leading black female sports reporters.

2. Usher Komugisha

Usher Komugisha is an excellent sports journalist hailing from Uganda, who has made significant contributions to covering major sporting events on international television networks such as Al Jazeera, BBC, and Sky Sports. Her presence on these top media platforms has allowed her to reach a large audience and deliver quality sports news to viewers worldwide. Usher Komugisha is not only an admirable figure in sports journalism but also an inspiration to young journalists in Africa and around the world.

Female black sports reporters: Usher Komugisha
Female black sports reporters: Usher Komugisha

She is a former athlete and has demonstrated her versatility in various sports, including basketball and soccer. Usher is also a commentator and analyst. With her work, she won the 2020 Momentum gsport Award: “African Woman in Sport,” which is why she holds a prominent position in the list of groundbreaking black female sports reporters.

3. Carol Tshabalala

Known as the First Lady of Sports, Carol Tshabalala works with the Supersport network across Africa. She started her career at South Africa’s Kaya FM radio station before joining SABC Sports. In 2011, she left SABC to take on her current role at Supersport.

Female sports reporters black: Carol Tshabalala
Female sports reporters black: Carol Tshabalala

Tshabalala also works for international television networks. She is one of the presenters for Premier League Productions. She remains the only African sports journalist to have hosted the prestigious Ballon d’Or awards, solidifying her position in the list of trailblazing black female sports reporters.

4. Taylor Rooks

Rooks, recognized as a prominent figure within the sports television industry, has cultivated a wealth of expertise over the course of several years through her unwavering commitment to excellence. Throughout her tenure at esteemed television networks including Bleacher Report, Thursday Night Football, and Turner Sports, she has consistently demonstrated her dedication to delivering high-quality content and insightful commentary. This extensive experience has not only honed her skills but has also solidified her reputation as a respected authority in sports media.

Hottest black female sports reporters: Taylor Rooks
Hottest black female sports reporters: Taylor Rooks

Previously, she spent time at CBS Sports, where she appeared on programs such as BTN Live, BTN Football Pregame, and Women’s Sports Report, gradually proving her capabilities and credibility in this field. Rooks’ presence is not only a personal mark but also a symbol of professionalism and success in the sports media industry.

5. Mimi Fawaz

Mimi Fawaz, a sports reporter of Nigerian and Lebanese descent, serves at the BBC, where she stands out with her depth of knowledge in football along with diverse expertise in various sports. She has conducted notable interviews with top athletes like Didier Drogba, opening doors for viewers to understand prominent figures in the sports world better.

Black female sports reporters: Mimi Fawaz
Black female sports reporters: Mimi Fawaz

Furthermore, Mimi has also shined at major sports events such as the African Cup of Nations, Wimbledon, and the US Open, elevating her name on the international stage. In addition to her work at the BBC, she has appeared on various other media platforms like VoxAfrica, ESPN, and CNN, showcasing her versatility and credibility in the sports media industry.

6. Malika Andrews

Mimi Fawaz is not only one of the standout black female sports reporters making waves in the industry, but she is also the first female host of the NBA Draft and one of the youngest sideline reporters in an NBA Conference Finals game. This is not only a significant personal milestone but also evidence of diversity and progress in the sports media industry. Malika Andrews is not just an admirable woman but also an icon of the striving and success of black individuals in this field.

Female black sports reporters: Malika Andrews
Female black sports reporters: Malika Andrews

Malika hosts ESPN’s NBA Today and has interviewed some famous athletes like Steph Curry and Giannis Antetokounmpo. Her career in sports media began as a member of The New York Times and later working at the Chicago Tribune.

7. Cari Champion

Champion’s illustrious career at ESPN has seen her helm some of the network’s most prestigious programs. Arriving in 2011 as the host of First Take, she soon voiced aspirations to lead SportsCenter—a goal she accomplished with aplomb. Meanwhile, she notably conducted an interview with NFL quarterback Cam Newton, showcasing her prowess in engaging with sports icons.

Female sports reporters black: Cari Champion
Female sports reporters black: Cari Champion

In a testament to her continued success and innovation, Champion unveiled her eponymous show, The Cari Champion Show, on Amazon Prime in 2022. Her relentless pursuit of excellence and groundbreaking achievements underscore her status as one of the foremost black female sports reporters, continually making significant contributions to the field and leaving an indelible mark on sports media.

8. Josina Anderson

Anderson is a clear example of a successful transition from athlete to sports journalist. She has worked diligently and focused to master her profession and has become one of the prominent black female sports reporters with excellence in her work. Specializing in reporting on the NFL and NBA for ESPN, she has provided quality and insightful coverage for fans.

Black female sports reporters: Josina Anderson
Black female sports reporters: Josina Anderson

She frequently appears on shows such as SportsCenter and Sunday NFL Countdown, where she has the opportunity to share information, analysis, and her perspectives with the audience. Anderson’s presence is not only an affirmation of her personal talent but also a significant step in promoting diversity and advancement for black sports journalists in the industry.

9. Maria Taylor

Maria Taylor has had an impressive career since her college days, participating in various sports such as the NBA, NFL, basketball, soccer, and volleyball. Her diversity and skills have been strongly demonstrated through these events.

In 2021, Maria Taylor transitioned to become a correspondent for NBC, where she reported on the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, providing viewers with accurate and comprehensive coverage of the world’s largest international event. Not stopping there, she also covered various other sports events such as the French Open tennis semifinals for both men and women, along with many other prominent events.

Female black sports reporters: Maria Taylor
Female black sports reporters: Maria Taylor

Maria Taylor’s continued success was demonstrated when she became the first full-time host of Football Night America on the network, a high-ranking position in the sports media industry. Her excellence and versatility are not only a source of pride for herself but also an inspiration for women in this field.

10. Jemele Hill

Behind the notable name of Jemele Hill is a long list of the most engaging sports television programs and networks. Starting her career at ESPN, she became an integral part of shows like “Numbers Never Lie” and later “His & Hers”. This paved the way for her to feature on SportsCenter, where she captivated viewers with her insight and accurate grasp of sports.

Female sports reporters black: Jemele Hill
Female sports reporters black: Jemele Hill

Beyond her on-air work, Jemele Hill has also created unique content for ESPN and The Atlantic, affirming her influence in the sports and cultural media industry. She is also the co-founder of the production company Lodge Freeway Media and hosts her own podcast titled “Jemele Hill”, where she can freely discuss and explore topics of interest without constraints.


The ascent of black female sports reporters represents a pivotal stride towards diversity and inclusivity in sports media. Through their groundbreaking work and fearless commentary, they’ve not only reshaped narratives but also paved the way for greater representation. Their achievements inspire and reinforce the importance of embracing diverse voices in sports journalism, forging a more inclusive and equitable future for all.

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