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Learn more about bet on water polo

Water polo is no longer a unfamiliar sport as it was many years ago. Back then, viewers could only follow the thrilling matches of European players. Nowadays, bet on water polo has been recognized as an official sport and has been included in major sporting events. Consequently, many betting sites have opened portals for enthusiasts of this unique sport. Let’s explore what water polo betting is all about through the following article with!

What is water polo?

Water polo is an underwater competitive team sport. Each water polo team consists of 7 members, including 6 players on the field and 1 goalkeeper. To secure victory, both teams strive to score as many goals as possible by putting the ball into the opponent’s goal within specific periods of play and throughout the entire match. This sport requires players to have exceptional swimming and treading water skills.

Many observers liken water polo to land-based handball, and some also note similarities between water polo and ice hockey. In fact, all three sports share the common characteristic of placing high physical demands on players. The origins of water polo are believed to date back to the late 19th century, with local festivals and fairs in England and Scotland featuring water ball throwing games to showcase players’ skills and strength.

What is bet on water polo?
What is bet on water polo?

Men’s water polo was first introduced to the Olympic Games in 1900. William Wilson, a Scottish man living in the late 19th century, is credited with developing the rules of water polo. The ball used in the sport is made of Indian rubber, similar in size to a soccer ball but made of rubber to prevent water absorption.

Overview of Betting on Water Polo

Water polo betting rules

Understanding the detailed rules of betting is essential for placing bets accurately and effectively. The specific betting rules for this sport are as follows:

  • Bookmakers will update the odds table according to the announced schedule. However, in the event of a sudden change leading to an earlier start time, all bets placed after the actual start time will be voided, and the wagered amount will be returned to the player’s account.
  • The outcomes of water polo bets are determined by the real results of the matches once they’ve concluded. These results have been recorded by the referees and tournament organizers. If there are any changes to the actual match results after the reward time, players must still accept the results based on the previous outcome.

Types of Water Polo Betting

  • In Match Winner bets, your confidence in a particular team’s overall success throughout the season is essential. It also takes the longest time to yield results because you have to wait to determine the championship team.
  • Match Outcome: In a tournament with multiple individual matches, the goal is to predict the winning team in each match and place corresponding bets.
  • Handicap Betting: Bookmakers assess the strengths of the two competing teams in a match and offer handicap values. You simply observe which team has the advantage and place bets based on the bookmaker’s odds.
Types of Water Polo Betting
Types of Water Polo Betting
  • Penalty Throws: Whenever a team commits a foul and the referee signals a penalty, the opposing team will be awarded a penalty throw. Betting on this involves predicting which team will take the first penalty throw.
  • First Goal Scorer: The objective of water polo is to score goals. In this type of bet, you predict which player will be the first to score in a match.
  • First Half Winner: A water polo match consists of 4 quarters. By placing this bet, you’re betting on which team will be leading at the end of the first half. Similar bets can be made for the second and third quarters.
  • In Top Scorer bets, you must choose the player you anticipate will perform exceptionally well and accumulate the highest number of points among all players, irrespective of their team’s outcome.

Types of Betting Odds in bet on water polo

  • Handicap Betting: Before the match begins, bookmakers will offer specific handicap odds.
  • Over/Under Betting: Bookmakers will also provide corresponding totals for the total points scored by both teams.
  • Odd/Even Betting: For this type of bet, players only need to predict whether the total points scored by both teams will be odd or even.
  • In Outright Betting, participants must track the entire tournament to make predictions. Betting on the final team to become the champion.

How are Points Calculated in bet on water polo?

In water polo betting, you can wager on various types of bets. Bookmakers will provide a detailed betting board with different odds. However, the calculation of winnings and losses for most types of bets is as follows:

  • Amount received when winning = Initial bet amount x Betting odds placed.
  • Amount lost when losing = Initial bet amount.
How are Points Calculated in Water Polo Betting?
How are Points Calculated in Water Polo Betting?

For handicap betting, as bookmakers offer various types of handicap odds, including both even and odd numbers, the calculation of winnings and losses for players is as follows:

  • Amount received when winning all = Initial bet amount x Winning odds.
  • Amount lost when losing all = Initial bet amount x Losing odds.
  • Amount won for half when winning = (Initial bet amount x Winning odds)/2.
  • Amount lost for half when losing = (Initial bet amount x Losing odds)/2.

Best Water Polo Betting Advice

If you’re just stepping into the world of water polo betting, experiencing wins and losses due to luck is inevitable. However, by applying the following shared experiences from experienced individuals, all worries can be alleviated:

  • Understanding all aspects of water polo is crucial. Although there are similarities with many other sports, water polo has its own rules and it’s important to study and understand them thoroughly to make informed betting decisions.
  • Gathering detailed information about the teams is also something you should invest time in before placing bets. Players can only make accurate assessments of betting odds when they truly understand the team they are betting on.
  • Avoid placing a significant amount of money when first getting into betting. All newcomers to sports betting should start with a small amount of money. Rushing and accepting unwarranted risks is not a way to sustain a long-term betting journey.
  • Maintain a stable mindset and set specific limits for each betting session to ensure that you don’t leave the game empty-handed every time you participate.


Water polo is an exciting sport for those who love water sports. In addition to swimming, water polo is also considered a physically demanding sport for players, with the challenging water environment adding extra excitement to the matches. Betting on Water Polo is quite straightforward, so all you need to do is gather enough information about this sport, thoroughly understand the betting odds provided by the platform, and you’re ready to dive into action.

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