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Details about 5 best sports betting instagram accounts

Instagram has become the premier destination for sports betting enthusiasts, and there is a very clear reason for that. The platform is an ideal place to share captivating images of top sporting events and enticing prize pools, something everyone desires in the gambling world. On Instagram, you can easily find numerous intriguing accounts about sports betting, although there aren’t too many deeply analytical experts. However, remember not to blindly trust what they say, although they may add some excitement to your betting experience. Let’s explore the best sports betting Instagram accounts with through the following article!

Details about 5 best sports betting instagram accounts
Details about 5 best sports betting instagram accounts

Following the best sports betting accounts on Instagram

You’ll find no shortage of influential figures, analysts, and frequent bettors with their own betting accounts on Instagram. It’s worthwhile to explore around to find accounts focused on the sports you’re most interested in betting on. Some accounts even specialize in specific teams.

Don’t always assume that the Instagram betting accounts with the most followers are the best accounts. Ultimately, many people will only follow these accounts because they enjoy the personalities behind them.

We’ve found that the best creators of Instagram betting accounts are simply those who share their expertise and analytical knowledge to help you gain a deeper understanding of the betting ventures you’re considering undertaking.

Top 5 best sports betting Instagram accounts

5. @KellyInVegas, also known as Kelly Stewart

With over 30,900 followers, Kelly Stewart’s brand continues to grow. With her enticing Sin City sports betting lifestyle combined with an interesting Instagram account, this account is sure to remain a trend.

Stewart first gained fame after betting a long-shot three-team NFL parlay around 2013. As photos and videos of her started circulating thereafter, the public became particularly interested in this objectively attractive woman with a keen knack for sports betting.

Sports betting instagram accounts: @KellyInVegas
Sports betting instagram accounts: @KellyInVegas

Why? Let’s just say “objectively attractive woman” isn’t the most common descriptor of a successful sports bettor. Stewart isn’t shy about using her gender appeal to attract followers, but she seems to recognize that a glossy makeup job will only get you so far. From football to baseball to basketball, she can talk X’s and O’s, while putting clear time and effort into her picks and strategies.

4. @BarStoolSports

In addition to the individuals listed above, there are also some media organizations worth noting. Leading the pack is Barstool Sports. This digital media company has been around for nearly two decades and true to its name, they primarily cater to sports fans (and sports betting enthusiasts). Instead of focusing on traditional sports (like ESPN), they always emphasize fantasy sports and gambling.

Sports betting instagram accounts: @BarStoolSports
Sports betting instagram accounts: @BarStoolSports

With the launch of their Sportsbook app in 2020, they immediately kicked into high gear! Now a powerhouse, they remain loyal to their roots and seem to always be in tune with the pulse of the gambling world.

3. @VIPSportsLV, also known as Steve Stevens

If you find yourself uncomfortable with brash personalities and excessive confidence, then Steve Stevens’ Instagram account and podcast @VIPSportsLasVegas are not for you. Clearly, that’s not an issue for many as the longtime sports betting advisor and enthusiast has nearly 90,000 followers on Instagram. Self-described as “third-generation born and raised in Vegas,” Stevens is part sports betting consultant and part flamboyant tour guide.

Best sports betting instagram accounts: @VIPSportsLV
Best sports betting instagram accounts: @VIPSportsLV

He spends part of his time touring and reviewing various sportsbooks in Las Vegas, in addition to providing insights like the best bets. Stevens’ website has an interesting advertising gimmick on its front page, offering free picks if you input your phone number.

2. @BigRobStyle, also known as Rob Gorodetsky

“It’s not just gambling. It’s a lifestyle,” he says in a USA Today feature on Rob Gorodetsky, who followers @BigRobStyle on Instagram.

Gorodetsky isn’t one for in-depth analysis; he mostly bets on gut instinct. According to that same USA Today story, his betting strategy “looks more like performance art than statistical analysis that most sports gamblers employ”.

Sports betting instagram accounts: @BigRobStyle
Sports betting instagram accounts: @BigRobStyle

That’s part of why @BigRobStyle has become an intriguing follow. He has garnered 143,000 followers with photos from the biggest sporting events… the most beloved celebrities, and the fattest betting tickets.

1. @barstoolbets

The moment you access @barstoolbets Instagram account, you can tell it’s not a too serious invitation: “Rule number one of gambling, always bet the over. Rule number two, if the mascot dies during the big game, that’s automatic death lock.”

But that fits right in with Barstool’s overall vibe. Dave Portnoy’s Massachusetts-based sports website has thrived on a generally “ahh-go-f***-yourself” attitude towards everything except the Patriots.

Best sports betting instagram accounts: @barstoolbets
Best sports betting instagram accounts: @barstoolbets

With 281,000 followers, people seem to enjoy watching Portnoy, Big Cat, Marty Mush, and the rest of the Barstool Crew react humorously to their (often losing) picks happening in real-time.

We have a feeling half of @barstoolbets followers genuinely hate Portnoy and only follow the account to see him lose money. Speaking of which, if you’re interested in the biggest losers in sports betting history and other lesser-known stories in the industry, check out our related articles.

Be cautious even with the best sports betting Instagram accounts

Let’s face it, discussions on sports betting Reddit threads aren’t the only online spaces where you might encounter misleading information. Many sports betting posts on Instagram have been flagged as scams, and these posts are often easy to spot because they promise life-changing sums of money if you follow their betting advice.

This is just another reminder that you should only see sports betting as a form of entertainment rather than a way to make money. The good news is that most sports betting accounts on Instagram are entertainment-oriented, but they can also help you make more informed sports bets.


In summary, the landscape of sports betting on Instagram presents an array of intriguing characters and narratives, each offering a distinct perspective on the world of gambling. From the bold and brash personalities like Steve Stevens to the unconventional approach of figures like Rob Gorodetsky, there’s something for every type of enthusiast. Additionally, @barstoolbets embodies the irreverent charm of Barstool Sports, blending humor with insights into the unpredictable nature of sports wagering. However, amidst the allure and excitement, it’s crucial to approach sports betting with caution and to recognize that success isn’t guaranteed. Ultimately, these Instagram accounts serve as both entertainment and cautionary tales, reflecting the multifaceted nature of the gambling world.

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