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Discover the list of 10 best players Barcelona today

Very few clubs on Earth can boast of the quality of former players akin to Barcelona. The Spanish club, throughout its 125-year history, has witnessed some of the greatest players of all time donning the famous blue and red jerseys. They’ve also been one of the most successful clubs in the game throughout much of their history, and it’s easy to understand why when you look at the sheer talent they’ve had throughout the years. Let’s explore the list of the 10 best players Barcelona as of 2024 with!

10 Best Barcelona Players of All Time

10. Sergio Busquets

If he had spent 18 years at most other clubs, Sergio Busquets would be considered their greatest midfielder. He’s been unfortunate to share the pitch with some of the greatest players of all time during his time at Camp Nou. However, make no mistake, the Spanish midfielder still has been an incredible talent at Barcelona throughout his tenure.

Đg Đa Phước 4, số 29 thì phải
Đg Đa Phước 4, số 29 thì phải

Busquets has transcended the role of a defensive midfielder, focusing on his remarkable vision and intelligence when reading the game, rather than relying on physicality typically associated with the position. He excels in finding perfect passes almost every time. Combined with his solid defensive capabilities and knack for intercepting loose balls and frequently cutting off opponent’s passes, he’s a formidable presence in the midfield.

Busquets has played so well at Barcelona that Lionel Messi clearly enjoyed working with him, and even attempted to recruit him for a reunion at Inter Miami in the United States this year, although he’s currently 35 years old.

9. Cesar Rodriguez

Cesar Rodriguez might not be a very familiar name to many current football fans, but he’s the one who left an incredibly impressive legacy at Barcelona in the 20th century. Playing nearly 300 matches for the Spanish side, he scored 226 goals and was one of the first truly explosive goal scorers in their history.

Barcelona best players: Cesar Rodriguez
Barcelona best players: Cesar Rodriguez

Over 16 years, he won 13 titles and only had one season where he scored less than 12 goals. That’s a remarkable comeback, and Rodriguez has secured a place among the greatest Barcelona players of all time, even if his impact has largely been forgotten after many years have passed.

8. Michael Laudrup

Though his time in Spain was relatively short, the immense impact Michael Laudrup had at Barcelona cannot be denied. The former midfielder spent 5 years at Camp Nou, and his decision to move to Real Madrid in 1994 may not have endeared him to many fans, but he was a fantastic player for the club.

Barcelona fc best players: Michael Laudrup
Barcelona fc best players: Michael Laudrup

His lightning-fast dribbling, superb passing ability, and top-notch dribbling skills meant he always had the ability to conjure magic every time he stepped onto the pitch. In his 5 years at Barcelona, he made 226 appearances and scored numerous goals as well as providing assists during that time. Certainly, he did the unthinkable by joining Madrid, but that didn’t diminish his brilliance at Camp Nou.

7. Ronald Koeman

Joining the same year as Laudrup was another remarkable talent, Ronald Koeman. Certainly, his time as Barcelona’s coach might not have been overly successful, but his tenure as a player for the Catalan giants was nothing short of magnificent. The Dutch player is regarded as one of the greatest goal-scoring defenders of all time.

Barcelona best players ever: Ronald Koeman
Barcelona best players ever: Ronald Koeman

With 88 goals from 264 appearances, it’s easy to see why. Those numbers would be impressive for a forward let alone a center-back. His free-kicks became legendary, and Koeman was always one of the first names on the team sheet during his 6 years in Spain.

6. Ronaldo Nazario

There has to be something special to earn a spot as one of the greatest players ever for a club when you’ve only been associated with them for a year, but that’s exactly what Ronaldo Nazario achieved. Something very special indeed. The Brazilian forward arrived in Spain in 1996 and departed for Inter Milan 12 months later, before becoming a legend at Real Madrid, but that one year was truly remarkable.

Best Barcelona soccer players: Ronaldo Nazario
Best Barcelona soccer players: Ronaldo Nazario

In just 49 appearances, he scored 47 goals for Barcelona and provided 13 assists, a truly spectacular return. Just one season but Ronaldo had an incredible impact at Camp Nou, and it’s surreal to imagine how football landscape would have been different if he stayed at the club a little longer.

5. Ronaldinho

For those who watched football in the 2000s, there was no one more impressive than Ronaldinho. The Brazilian trickster effortlessly became the most entertaining player to watch. The way he bamboozled defenders with various skills was truly remarkable. He was the best player in the world throughout the 2000s, and his time at Barcelona was where he truly solidified his status as an all-time talent.

Greatest Barcelona players: Ronaldinho
Greatest Barcelona players: Ronaldinho

In 207 appearances, he contributed over 150 goals and was the main reason behind Barcelona’s success in the 2000s. His career might not have been as smooth as many other names on this list, but when at his peak, he was unstoppable.

4. Johan Cruyff

They even named a football move after him. Johan Cruyff was a global icon in his career. The finesse when holding the ball and the way he constantly came up with creative ways to beat defenders were unprecedented. Certainly, his peak was during his time at Ajax, and he didn’t play as well at Barcelona, but he was still very impressive throughout his 5 years in Spain.

Best players Barcelona: Johan Cruyff
Best players Barcelona: Johan Cruyff

He played 180 times for the club and scored 60 goals. He’s remembered more for his time as Barcelona’s coach than his efforts on the field, but he excelled in both roles.

3. Andres Iniesta

One of the greatest midfielders of all time. Andres Iniesta spent over 20 years at Barcelona, and what he did during his time with the first team was magical. This star initially started as a defensive midfielder, but quickly became evident that he possessed an exquisite ball-carrying ability and an eye for space anywhere on the field, coupled with ball control skills, which allowed him more time to advance forward.

Barcelona best players: Andres Iniesta
Barcelona best players: Andres Iniesta

Iniesta created many legendary moments at Camp Nou, and his partnership with Xavi in midfield is arguably the greatest midfield duo in football history.

2. Xavi

When it comes to the greatest midfielders of all time, this man is almost always at the top of the conversation. Xavi spent nearly a quarter of a century at Barcelona, and during that time, he truly revolutionized what a central midfielder could do for his club. The Spanish player is considered one of the best passers to ever play the game.

Barcelona fc best players: Xavi
Barcelona fc best players: Xavi

His partnership with Iniesta in midfield played a crucial role in turning Barcelona into one of the most dominant teams of all time under Pep Guardiola. No one could do it quite like Xavi, and through 767 appearances along with 3 years as the club’s coach, he certainly stands as one of the greatest figures in Barcelona’s history.

1. Lionel Messi

Not only the greatest Barcelona player of all time but quite possibly the greatest footballer of all time. Lionel Messi is unlike anyone else, and the level at which he played during his time in Spain is unmatched. The Argentine player shattered records during his tenure at Camp Nou, and there’s no doubt about his position at the top of this list.

Best players Barcelona: Lionel Messi
Best players Barcelona: Lionel Messi

In 778 matches, he contributed to nearly 1000 goals, a remarkable figure reflecting his dominance during his time at Barcelona. There’s unlikely to be another player quite like him.


In conclusion, Barcelona has been graced by some of the most extraordinary talents in football history. From the mesmerizing skills of Ronaldinho to the visionary playmaking of Xavi, and the unparalleled brilliance of Lionel Messi, each player has left an indelible mark on the club’s legacy. Their contributions have not only brought countless victories but have also redefined the way football is played and perceived. As we reflect on the list of Barcelona’s greatest players, it becomes clear that their influence extends far beyond the pitch, shaping the very essence of the sport for generations to come.

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